Simple Keto: Saag Mushrooms Curry | Step by Step

Cookin’ is easy.

Some people like to complicate it and make it a big fucking chore of tedious measurements and magic hand waiving. Now, I ain’t one of those people. One of the greatest meals I’ve made (one that anybody I make it for ends up begging me for a recipe) is the one I’m sharing it with you here.

Little did they know that I, more or less, follow no recipe.

Now, this tastes like food from some kind of fancy, gourmet down-town restaurant. You know the kind of establishment that  I, barbarian that I am, would never be seen dead in. In reality this meal is free of all the hand-waiving and bullshit. It’s simple. It’s filled with glorious oil and fat. Also veggies.

You need: Curry Paste, Bag of Spinach, Oilve Oil, Mushrooms

*About Curry paste! I use Patak’s Madras Paste. It is the lowest carb option that I have found. Only 5 net carbs*

1: Oil your pan. I use Olive Oil. Use a Medium heat as the Olive Oil will smoke if overheated.


2: Fill the Pan with an entire bag of Spinach (16oz/1 Pound). Don’t worry, it will cook down significantly.


Cook it down more. I put more Olive Oil on it at this point. (5 minutes)



3: Now, scoop the now slimey sea-weed lookin’ spinach into a ring. Place the Curry Paste in the middle and cook.


Continue to cook for a few minutes. (5 more minutes)

Press into a patty; let cook for 30 seconds; stir; press into patty etc.
This is about 5 minutes of cooking. You need that “Seaweed” look

4: Cut your Mushrooms! Traditional dish is of course Saag Paneer. Paneer cheese is hard to find in my area. I have substituted Case Fresco before and it wasn’t terrible.


5:  Add the Mushrooms

Traditionally this is Paneer cheese:)

6: Add more OIL! Cream is the traditional thing. I prefer extra oil if I’m not making pure Saag Paneer.

I used MORE olive oil instead of Cream in this modified recipe. You should use cream if you want a more authentic dish.

7: Cook for 5 more minutes.

This is what you go for. See the Oil separating from the veggie?


8: Plate!


I love Indian food and have tried all that I can get my hands on. But, my first and true love is Saag Paneer. I have made this atleast monthly for the whole of my one and a half year ketogenic journey. Once you make it a few times, it becomes as easy as…. er…. pie? Nah, this is Keto so we can’t have pie….I shouldn’t mention pie….


Hope you enjoyed the recipe! I hope that yours turns out as well as mine. Remember; a recipe is a guide. Change things freely and experiment!

Until next time.

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