Sauerkraut and Beef for the Uninitiated

Greetings fellow Ketogenic…. er…. people. One of my most common dishes, one that I eat seemingly at a constant weekly rate, is thankfully very simple. Like real simple. Like one pan and 15-minutes simple. Now I know you’ve heard this blog and that blog say “easy” but I ain’t fucking around.



You need:

-Pound of beef (aka as Hamburger)

-Bag of Sauerkraut

Thats it.

This is a functional recipe; nothing fancy. You can add any form of seasoning you wish. I add paprika or garlic on occasion.

1: Brown your beef



2: I SAID brown it… it aint a steak


3: Insert bag of Kraut



4: Cook briefly – People who don’t like sauerkraut in general will prefer if it is cooked for longer.


5: I cook it until I get this Noodle analog….



6: Serve


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