Simple Keto: Keto-Stroganoff


Aside from having a WILL OF STEEL, success in a Ketogenic diet revolves around one other massive Sun: Knowing how to give yourself some variety, within ketogenic boundaries. Once your body gets humming along in ketosis, you’ll indubitably get tired of eating eggs. Or “God-damn eggs” as you’ll learn to call them.

Or the other low-carb veggie staple, Salads. “Fucking salads” as I have come to call them.


Now, don’t get me wrong. You can do quite well in Keto just eating hard boiled eggs and salads all day. You will, however, be bored out of your fucking skull. So you do what Humans do. Adapt. You look at things which are low in carbs but high in natural fibre. So, Cabbage obviously.




So here is the veritable staple of my diet: Beef and Cabbage Stroganoff. P.S. the cabbage is the noodle here. There really are no hard or set rules how I make this. So don’t expect them. These are just guidelines. Be original.


  • Half head of Cabbage. You can use what you like. I’ve used everything – this works better with plan “Green” cabbage.
  • Butter or Olive Oil. Again your choice. Just don’t do anything dumb and use margarine.
  • Beef of some kind. Anything works. I tend to use hamburger, Steakums or Cheap “stir fry” cuts you can get most anywhere. The meal I cook here uses Steakums.
  • Sour Cream. Use a full fat kind.
  • Garlic / Pepper / Salt / Paprika to Taste

First. Melt you Butter / Heat your oil. img_20170205_213501

I add some garlic at this stage but not to much. Brown the meat.

Next, you’ll want to process the cabbage and fry it. Takes a few minutes. I cook it until it has the feel of firm pasta. Your preference may vary but don’t cook the shit out of it unless you like eating mush.


At this point, add in your spices. Mostly, this is healthy amounts of Garlic and pepper. Touch of paprika. Salt to taste.


Now it’s a matter of adding the Sour cream to make a “sauce” of some sorts. I discovered this on accident, though I’m sure others have seen the same technique. Instead of the standard “Rue” of fat and flour, I add the heavy Sour Cream to fatty oil/meat and it tends to make a very decent analogue to standard sauce.


I could say that it’s the small amount of sugar/carb in the Sour cream (1g) mixing with the fat from the meat… but, eh, I’m not gonna pretend to know about such things. So fuck it.


After heating the sour cream mix (less than 2 minutes) constantly folding the mix, you’re done.

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