(In my Opinion) Best of my Instagram

So, instagram is a strange beast. It’s the land of THOTS and boomerang video shorts. Also food. Lots of food actually. In fact my experience with instagram has been food almost entirely.

I started about 18-months ago in the shattered remnants of my then-seperation from my now-soon-to-be ex-wife. I used it to keep myself on task, on diet and on…. well the proverbial ball. And it has worked. Holy shit has it worked. Not only have I met loads of interesting people, learned recipes and so forth (the usual shit) but I stayed true. No cheat days in over a year and over 100lbs lost.

So here are my favourite 5 posts/meals/whatev from the last year and a half.


1: Bacon and Cabbage


2:  Green Beans and Beef


3: Bratwurst and Cabbage



4: Mushroom Antipasta


5: Motherfucking Salads


If you’re just beginning Keto, stay with it. Start an Instagram and follow people who have been successful with it. Hey, it will keep you honest.

Just don’t eat salad everyday and you’ll be successful as well!


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